NEWS - 2012 Archive
22nd SOS WIN the Battalion Volleyball Competition
 We enjoyed a FANTATSIC evening of volleyball and youth club activities with the 25th and 23rd South East Essex Boys' Briga......(read more)
Senior Night Out
This October, Senior boys and girls enjoyed another fantastic Battalion evening at Belchamps activities centre. Archery and rock climbing were the activities of the night followed by a delicious BBQ......(read more)
Awards Service 2012
Each year the Brigades have a special church service to celebrate, and reward the young persons within the group that have shown commitment and great sportsmanship / behaviour / achievements during the year. After the service we have a legendary BBQ.....(read more)
Anchors Visit Colchester Zoo - June 2012
On Saturday 16th June a group of very excited Anchors boarded a coach to go to Colchester Zoo.  On arriving at the zoo they set off to explore and see what animals they.....(read more)
Junior Activity Day - May 2012
 On Saturday 12th May the Junior Section from Belle Vue and Canvey went on an activity day at Belchamps. There were mainly boys but a few brave girls also came along. The juniors were dropped off by their parents in the morning for a .....(read more)
Anchor Easter Egg Hunt - March 2012
On Saturday 31st March the Anchor Section of Boys Brigade arrived at Hockley Woods for an Easter egg hunt. The boys and girls had to follow a trail through the woods and take part in various activities to find clues which enabled them to complete .....(read more)


The advancement of Christ's Kingdom amongst young poeple and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian character.

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