Age Range School Years 7-10
Officers Incharge

Justin Al-Soufi

Times of Meet


During the school term
Cost £16 a term

What is the Company Section?


Company Section is for school year 7 to 10 Boys Brigade members.


What We Do


In Company we play all sorts of games, Basketball, Football, Cricket & Chinese handball to name but a few. Apart from the games we do all sorts of other activities that count towards the awards scheme. These range from learning about Fairtrade (and eating so much chocolate its unbelievable) through to making a burglar alarm and putting up a tent. Other favorites included cooking and the ‘Beep Test’.

We spend time learning about God and the Christian life from our Bible and by some very fun activities where everyone can get involved, and often do.

We sometimes go out on trips as well, with our favorite places being Bowling and the park during the summer months to play Softball & Football.




Company section is where a member achieve many badges, within the following zones.

  • Community
  • Skills
  • Recreation

To achieve these badges a member takes part in all our normal activities along with special activities and skills that interest them, from Podcasting to recycling and anything in between!




As with all sections within the Boys Brigade there is a uniform, which for us consists of a compulsory Polo Shirt, and an optional sweatshirt.




The advancement of Christ's Kingdom amongst young poeple and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian character.

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